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National PGA Kick off workshop in Vietnam

March 13, 2012

UN-REDD Vietnam Programme


Vietnam hosted its national kick-off workshop for the pilot phase of the Participatory Governance Assessment (PGA) for REDD+ on March 6th. More than 80 participants from all over Vietnam gathered to discuss the most pressing governance challenges related to REDD+ in a one day workshop held in Hanoi. The results of the workshop will be used to identify a pilot province for implementing the 12 month pilot phase. 


The workshop gave the participants in the morning session an overview of the principles of democratic governance, which governance issues that seem relevant to REDD+ in Vietnam, how a similar governance assessment in Vietnam like PAPI could provide lessons learned as well as results from the FGM workshop held in January. In the afternoon, participants were divided into four groups to brainstorm and agree on key governance challenges in REDD+ and criteria for selecting a pilot province. Before wrapping up the participants agreed on a work plan and the next step of the PGA process.


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Keywords: Asia, governance, PGA, REDD, UN REDD, Vietnam