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Commitments and options for safeguarding biodiversity in REDD+


March, 2012


Steve Swan

Publication Type:

Information Brief


FCA-SNV BioREDD Brief No.1. Biodiversity & REDD+ Review. Forest Carbon Asia and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation


This brief outlines the international commitments to biodiversity in REDD+, the risks and opportunities, and international and national options for promoting biodiversity in REDD+. 


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Keywords: biodiversity, biological diversity, CBD, national REDD+ activities, REDD, Safeguards, Standards, sub-national REDD+ activities


  • Ekindi JHude

    We welcome this initiative too and hope to share all the fallouts from this concept and its cas studies.

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  • Berhanu

    Commodity based approach have been the main cause for the erosion of biodiversity and genetic resources of the biological resources. Thus, working on the conservation of biodiversity at national and international levels is critical for climate change, sustainble economic growth and healthy human and ecosystem functioning.

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